How to Apply for a place


Riverley Primary is a 2 form entry Primary School (60 pupils in every year group) and we follow the Waltham Forest Community Schools Admissions Criteria.


If you wish your child to join our Nursery, where we have 30 places in the morning and 30 places in the afternoon, then you can apply direct at the Riverley Primary School Office. Places are allocated according to age and we are currently admitting children who are 3 years old. We offer 12 full time places per academic year, you will need to provide your 30 hour eligibility code at the application stage.  Please note, we are not able to offer any flexible hours or days. The sessions we offer at Riverley Nursery are:


AM Session 8.50am-11.50am

PM Session 12:25pm -3.25pm

Full Time – 8.50am – 3.25pm


You must attend at least *2* Stay and Play Sessions with your child in order for them to be offered a place at Riverley Nursery. These sessions are free of charge and are run every Wednesday from 9am-10am or 12.30pm-1.30pm. Your child will need to be at a minimum of two years in age to attend, there is no need to book. Please use the reception entrance via Park Road and register on arrival.


If you wish your child to join our reception classes or Years 1 to Year 6 (up to 11 years old) then please apply via pupil admissions at Waltham Forest.


Administration Criteria


Riverley Primary School is a 2 form entry Primary School. We follow the Waltham Forest Community Schools Admissions Criteria as detailed below.


If there are more applications than there are places available at a school, the following criteria, in priority order, is used to decide who should be offered a place.


Priority 1 – Looked-After Children or Children ‘At Risk’

Priority 2 – Medical or social reasons

Priority 3 – Siblings

Priority 4 – Distance from home to school


For definitions see Important Notes below


Special Educational Needs

Children who have a statement of Special Educational Needs are placed in schools under the terms of the Education Act 1996 and not through the admissions criteria referred to above. Children who have a statement of Special Educational Needs will be allocated a place at the school named on their statement.


Looked-After Children

A looked-after child is a child who is or was:

  • in the care of a Local Authority; or
  • being provided with accommodation by a Local Authority in accordance with Section 22 (1) of the Children Act 1989.

For admission purposes, a ‘looked-after’ child is a child currently in care or a child who was in care but became subject to an adoption residence, or special guardianship order, immediately after leaving care. Please note: this does not apply to children who were adopted between 1989 and December 2005


Children ‘at risk’

A child is ‘at risk’ if they are currently on the Child Protection Register or are under consideration for inclusion on the register, as advised by Waltham Forest’s Child Protection Officer


Medical or social reasons

Medical or social reasons can only be taken into account where information is provided by the closing date, i.e. 15 January 2014. Failure to provide such information at that stage may affect whether or not the child is allocated a place at the preferred school under this criterion.Applications will only be considered under this category if they are supported by a written statement from a doctor, social worker, psychologist or other relevant independent professional. The information must confirm the exceptional medical or social reason, and demonstrate how the specified school is the only school that can meet the defined needs of the child.In all cases the medical or social need must be permanent or long term.For medical conditions, the school named must be the closest school to the child’s address forconsideration to be given on mobility grounds.
Examples of possible exceptional medical or social reasons:

  • Any acute or chronic condition that would make it difficult for a child to attend any school other than the school closest to the child’s address.
  • Any acute or chronicmedical condition that requires regular, long-term attendance at a particular medical establishment which is closest to the school named.
  • A child and their family who are considered ‘at risk’ due to circumstances beyond the family’s control such as fleeing domestic violence (housed in a refuge in Waltham Forest). Consideration may then be given for the named child to be given a school away from the area of their previous home address for safeguarding purposes.
  • An existing restraining order that may put a family ‘at risk’ if the school were to be outside the remit of distance agreed by the courts.

The Admissions Panel that will determine each case will be made up of the Admissions Manager and professionals (a GP, and a social worker), and will make the final decision based on the evidence provided.



Sibling means:

  • a full brother or sister;
  • a half-brother or sister;
  • a stepbrother or stepsister; and
  • foster brother or sister;

In all cases the sibling must be living at the same address and must still attend the school at the time of admission of the child for whom the application is being made. If you do not provide the name and date of birth of your child’s sibling we will not be able to take it into account and it will affect your child’s chances of being offered a place at that school.



Distance is measured from the child’s permanent address to the main gate of the school.

  • Distance is measured using a straight line from the address (using the Local Land and Property Gazetteer) of the child’s permanent home to the main gate of the school.
  • All distances will be measured in miles using a computerised mapping system called Routefinder GIS.
  • If more than one applicant lives in a multi-occupancy building (for example, flats) priority will be given to the applicant whose door number is the lowest numerically and/or alphabetically.
  • Where two or more applicants (who are not from multiple births) are found to live exactly the same distance from the school, a lottery tie-break draw will take place with the assistance of a third impartial party.


All distances will be measured using this system, which is the only one that that will be used in the allocation of school places by Waltham Forest School Admissions Service.


Waltham Forest Appeals Procedure


Riverley Primary School is a 2 form entry Primary School. We follow the Waltham Forest Community Schools Admissions Criteria as detailed below.


Alternative offers

If we are unable to offer you any of your preferred schools we will allocate a place at the school nearest to your home that has an available place. If you wish to decline the alternative offer please refer to the ‘How places were allocated breakdown’ sent with your offer details. This breakdown will list those schools in Waltham Forest with available places. Should you then decide another school with places would better meet your child’s needs, you must contact the School Admissions Service at for your child’s alternative offer school to be changed. This must be done as soon as possible as the number of places available can change at any time.


Waiting Lists

Whether you apply online or on a paper form, you will be asked if you want to remain on the waiting lists for any higher preference schools when you receive an offer of a school place. When you accept or decline the school place offer, if you do not indicate whether you want to remain on any waiting lists, we will assume that you do not and will delete your details from the waiting lists of your higher preference schools.

  • If you would like to remain on those higher preference waiting lists please tick the ‘yes’ box next to the school’s name.
  • If you want to accept the offered school and do not wish to be placed on the higher preference waiting lists, please tick the ‘no’ box.
  • Waiting lists for Waltham Forest schools are ordered in accordance with the admission criteria for each school.
  • Places are allocated to children from the top of the waiting list as vacancies arise.
  • Waiting list positions can change at any time depending on other applicants’ circumstances and it is important to note that your child’s position may go down as well as up if other applicants join the waiting list.

School admission appealsIf your child is not offered a place at one of the schools you listed on your application form you can appeal against this decision to an independent appeal panel. You will be given details of how to make an appeal with your offer. The deadline for receipt of appeals is 16 May 2014.Appeals will be heard within 40 days of the deadline of 16 May 2014.Appeals are heard by panels of people who have not taken part in deciding how places were offered on 16 April. The clerk to the independent appeal panel will write to you with details of your appeal date. You will be invited to present your case in person and you will be allowed to bring a friend or representative to help you, if you wish.We can normally only consider one appeal for each school within the same school year. In exceptional circumstances you may be able to appeal for the same school more than once, but there would have to be changes to your personal circumstances for this to be allowed.If you are appealing for an Academy, foundation or voluntaryaided school or a school in another local authority, you must check the closing date with that school or local authority, as they might be different. Your appeal must be sent directly to the school or local authority concerned.Where possible, appeals for late applications will be included with those being heard for the same admissions round. If this is not possible, appeals for late applications must be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being received.
Note: This appeals process is the only recourse for a parent and any lobbying of Councillors or MPs will not influence the school offer in advance of an appeal.

  • The date of your application does not affect your waiting list position once it has been processed.
  • Being on a waiting list is not a guarantee of a place at the school. If you want to be placed on the waiting list for any lower preference schools, please contact the School Admissions Service at .If you are offered a place from the waiting list, you will need to confirm whether you want to accept the place. This place will only be held for up to seven days, after the seven days we will revert back to your child’s previous accepted school offered. Please send your response to

If you then want to make a fresh application please complete an iCAF, available on, listing your new school preferences.