Virtual Clubs 23.5.22


Dear Riverley Families,   As you know,  we pride ourselves on embracing a creative curriculum. To fit within your busy schedules, […]

The Final day of Challenge 26


Today we celebrated our Challenge 26 activities with a sponsored walk and activities.  Families joined but as the weather began […]

Year 2 Art with iPads


Year 2 spent the afternoon using the iPads to help research their textile bay designs in Art.  They were able […]

Year 1 Science


Year 1 spent the afternoon using a range of resources to build bridges.  They had to explore the different structures, […]

Year 4 Forest School


Children in Year 4 have been taking part in Forest School sessions where they discussed frustration and what they could […]

Animation in Reception


The children in Reception used the app Chatterpix Kids to take photos.  They learnt how to edit and extended their […]

Year 6 Residential Highlights 5


There is nothing like working together and laughing through it all!

Year 6 Residential Highlights 4


Teamwork takes time to master and working together on an obstacle course without being able to see was certainly a […]

Year 6 Residential Highlights 3


A worthwhile day at the beach, creating memories that will last a lifetime!  

Year 4 Healthy Living with Leyton Orient


The children in Year 4 have been taking part in a wonderful project with Leyton Orient focusing on healthy living.  […]