Day 2 at Kingswood.

As the tide was in last night, the children finished off their day yesterday with an evening walk in the country. The views were stunning and it was wonderful to see the children playing in the fields and appreciating the beauty of nature.

They were up bright and early and after a scrumptious cooked breakfast, set about taking part in their activities for the day. Today we have buggy building, low ropes, aero ball and STEM. All the activities require the children to work as a team and problem solve. It really is a pleasure watching them working together and supporting each other.

Enjoying the country air

Beautiful view!

Comer beach


Great times!

Riverley Family.

Using STEM to design a foot stand..

Team work!

They designed and built their own scooter!

Working hard!

Team work!

The new and improved scooter!

Team building!

Just chilling…

Enjoying the sun!

Please enjoy the new pictures we have posted!‚Äč