GAF : A Day of Drama


Our children expressed their Creativity during Day Two of our Griffin Arts Festival. They joined in with all other Griffins […]

Reception Protest! Save Our Trees!


If you want to see some change, you may need to make some noise! Inspired by the amazing work of […]

Year 6 Production: Immigration


Year 6 would like to present their learning of immigration in the video below. The Year 6 children had a […]

Year 5 Production: Native Americans


Year 5 have been working incredibly hard on their learning on the Native Americans. They have looked at tales, the […]

The Lion King: Costume Making with Year 6


Year 6 were tasked with creating costumes for The Lion King Experience and want to create some beautiful fabric collages! […]

12 Days to go!


We are exploding with glorious colour and preparing to enchant you with our voices! The Lion King Experience is well […]

Year 2’s The Lion King Dance Club


Our Dance Club has started with a bang! This taster session brought the vibrant colours of African and Caribbean culture […]

Year 5’s Face Painting Club!


The Lion King Immersive Experience is soon approaching! Year 5 were Creative Crabs during their face painting club this week. […]

Year 2 Explore Leyton!


Year 2 used our new chromebooks to explore Leyton on Google Earth. They worked with their partners to find different […]

Year 3 Explore China!


Our Year 3 children spent the day exploring geographical locations in China and used chopsticks to eat popular Chinese dishes […]