Year 6 at the Science Symposium!


Earlier this year, our Year 6 children worked on a project over the holidays where they explored an invention from the 16th Century and thought of new and creative ways to improve it for the world of today. Some of the children invented a new toilet that cleans and recycles water while others thought of pens that could write as we speak.  From then, 10 lucky children were chosen to take part in the Science Symposium with all schools in the Griffin Schools Trust on Monday at Stantonbury International School.  They took part in a variety of exciting activities such as making their own DNA from fruit, discovering how electricity travels through different objects and testing chemicals for acids and alkaline. The children had such an amazing day and told their classes all about it! We are so proud of how they represented the school, presented their work and sophisticated articulated their ideas! Well done to the inventors of tomorrow!