Reading and Phonics

Both developing a child’s ability to Read as well as ensuring that they develop a love of reading is prioritised from the moment our children begin with us. Our children acquire the skills of Early Reading through Read Write Inc. – our programme of choice for the delivery of phonics and use their reading skills to unlock more challenging texts as their time progresses. Reading skills are explicitly taught in every year group and children are read to and listened to read, regularly.

As a result of our strategic reading strategy from EYFS all the way to Year 6, our children leave Riverley –  fluent, resilient and independent readers with a life-long passion to explore books for pleasure. They understand the benefits of reading – as a crucial life-skill necessary for accessing and achieving academic success in all areas of the curriculum and beyond. As reading for pleasure is promoted through-out the curriculum, children develop their own love of genres and authors. They review the books they read with a critical mind which in turn, enhances their deep love of literature across a range of genres, cultures and styles. Children go on to make positive contributions to society due to being well-read and a having well-informed understanding of the world.
To see more information on how reading is developed across the school and how Riverley promotes a love of reading with all children, please click here.