Easter Reading Challenge

Riverley have challenged themselves to read anywhere and everywhere! Immersed in the world of books, our children have travelled to space, climbed new heights in adventures,  combatted villains as heroes,  gathered information from non-fiction texts and more! That is the magic of books… they can take you to every corner of the universe. Over the past few weeks, the children have nestled themselves in new and exciting places to read.  Some of the children loved reading snuggled up in bed while others enjoyed being out in the sunshine. Some read on the swing and others cuddled up on the rug with their pets. Many enjoyed reading aloud with their family using different voices for different characters!


We want to take this opportunity to congratulate these children, in particular, for their achievement in Reading, dedicating lots of their time to expanding their vocabulary and escaping to new worlds as they indulge in reading a range of wonderful books. Well done to all the children who challenged themselves to read as much as they can!