Easter Reading Competition

Dear Riverley Families,
We hope you have a lovely Easter break. During this time, we would love for the children to indulge in as much Reading as they can so we have launched the Reading Minutes Competition! This Easter, we want to see how much the children can read each day from Friday 2nd April to Sunday 18th April! Escape to new worlds, visit pirates, discover mythical creatures, uncover mysteries and learn new things as you read anywhere and everywhere. The children can fill out the Reading Competition form that they will then bring back to their teacher by Friday 23rd April 2021! There will be 2 prizes for the children with the most Reading Minutes in EYFS, KS1 and KS2! (If you find yourself reading lots and lots, please click on the link above for an extra copy of the document).
Please also watch this video to inspire the children to read as much as they can as well as anywhere they can! Find some fun places to read, get the whole family involved and enjoy Reading for Pleasure! If you have any photos, please send them to us via the office email (office@riverley.waltham.sch.uk) or send to your teacher.
Have a lovely Easter and enjoy reading!
All the best,
Riverley Primary