I have a dream – Poetry in Year 6

Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech “I have a dream…” our Year 6 children wrote their own poems reflecting on the world of today. Here is Zaki’s beautiful poem….


My Dream

By Zaki Shakil


I have a dream

I hope will come true

Peace in the world

For me and for you


People are fighting

There is racism and fear

Lots of inequality

Just a bad atmosphere


There’s killings and wars

People are dying

In many places

Children are crying


Some people just want

Some water and food

Want to live in safety

To better the mood


I pray for peace

For a better place to live

Where there is love

Not just take, but give


We are all in a race

To be better than each other

But sometimes we forget

Our family, our mother


Peace starts at home

In the kindness of our heart

Be good to each other

We can all make a start


Let’s all be united

Together we stand

No more discrimination

Give each other a hand


We can pray for world peace

For happiness and love

Defeat things like viruses

With some help from above


So I have a dream

I hope will come true

Peace will prevail

Let’s see this through